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Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


Suggested Usage

4–5 g of mix for every 28 mL (1 oz.) of hot water.


Allergen Statements

Contains milk. May contain Soya. Gluten Free.


Storage Conditions

Cool (18-20°), dry (humidity 50-60%), protect from light.


Serving: 200 grams

Shelf Life

18 months (in compliance with the storage conditions)



Golden cane sugar*, skim milk powder*, Cocoa

powder*, guar gum, sea salt, carob bean gum, vanilla

powder* (* Organic) Lot Code Interpretation

YDDD =Julian code of date of production



Fair Trade by FLO; Organic by QAI; Kosher


Nutritional Facts (per 1 serving, 33g)

120 Cal; Fat 0.5g (Saturated 0.3g, Trans fat 0g);

Carbohydrate 27g (Fibres 2g, Sugars 24g); Protein 3g;

Cholesterol 0g: Sodium 35mg; Potassium 300mg,

Calcium 100mg; Iron 1.5mg


GMO declaration

This product is GMO free and is not manufactured from

GMO raw materials.


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