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Our Story

Vor TeaLeafs was founded in 2019 by myself Jacqueline Thomas. Tea is a very important part of my life, however the chemicals and pesticides in teas on the market today are quite unpleasant.  Out of my love for tea and good health, I have decided to create my own brand of teas offering people healthier choices.

My team and I pride ourselves on providing the best quality organic teas that you can find on the market. 

We work with suppliers, that are members of the World Fair Trade Organization and working directly with the tea growers to ensure fair pricing. All our teas are ethically sourced from organic tea gardens around the world.

We are committed to environmental responsibility in all our business practices, and  have chosen the best suppliers who use sustainable and eco friendly materials in the construction and operations of their venues.

Our teas are grown without the use of chemical, fertilizers and toxic pesticides, which makes them safe for the environment, harvesters and customers. 

About: Our Story
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