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Monk Blend Tea

Monk Blend Tea


A wonderful balance of natural Bourbon vanilla flavour and bergamot spice in a black tea blend.
The benefits include antioxidant qualities.
Might Improve Heart Health.
Might Reduce LDL (bad) Cholesterol.
might strengthen the gut.
Could Aid in Lowering Blood Pressure.
Might Assist in Lowering the Stroke Risk.
could bring down blood sugar levels.
could aid in lowering the risk of cancer.
helps the immune system and the digestive system.
Nourishes and hydrates dry skin.
retards the onset of wrinkles.

Ingredients: Calendula petals and black tea

originating in Sri Lanka
High Level of Antioxidants: Caffeine Medium-length content



    The product can be returned within 7 days of purchase if not opened for a full refund minus shipping cost.

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