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Ceylon Orange Pekoe

Ceylon Orange Pekoe


The Ceylon Orange Pekoe is a medium-grade black tea that originates from Sri Lanka. Its name, "orange pekoe," refers to the size and quality of the tea leaves used in this delicate blend. This tea may include leaf buds and young tea leaves, giving it a smooth and balanced flavor profile. In addition to its excellent taste, Ceylon Orange Pekoe offers numerous health benefits associated with black tea consumption, including improved heart health, digestion, and immune system support. This versatile tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it a perfect choice for any time of day. Experience the rich history and exceptional flavor of Ceylon Orange Pekoe with every sip.


Origin: Sri Lanka

Antioxidant: Very High

Caffeine Level: Medium


Serving Suggestion

Use one teaspoon ( 3g) of tea per 6oz cup of water 

Steep at 100 ( 212 F) for 2-5 minutes



    The product can be returned within 7 days of purchase if not opened for a full refund minus shipping cost.

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