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Green Tea Benefits

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

For years, the Asian population of the world has known the benefit of drinking green tea. It is growing in popularity here in the United States as of late and we are beginning to pay attention to what the ancient Chinese already knew.

There’s more than just one benefit of drinking green tea – there are many, and we should really sit up and take notice of it!

One large benefit of drinking green tea is that it has the ability to ward off certain cancers and alleviate the symptoms of these diseases. Studies have shown that subjects who drink green tea either halt the onset of the cancer or are better able to cope with the pain that comes with cancer.

Another benefit of drinking green tea is that it can help lower your bad cholesterol and heighten your good cholesterol. For those who struggle with cholesterol problems, this has been a real help as they struggle to keep their levels healthy so it doesn’t hinder their health.

Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease have devastating effects on the body for those who have these insidious afflictions. Drinking green tea on a regular basis has shown to benefit patients by improving the memories of those with Alzheimer’s and alleviating the body tremors that come with Parkinson’s.

Drinking green tea also can provide a huge benefit in the struggle of many people who want to lose weight. The anti-oxidants contained in green tea have shown to speed up metabolism which makes weight loss easier and quicker.

I know from experience that a huge benefit of drinking green tea is that it helps makes bones stronger and prevent periodontal disease (gum disease). my friend had periodontal disease. After extensive dental work, he began drinking green tea in hopes of healing sooner and keeping that horrible disease away from me for good. It worked. his gums have never been healthier!

There are many, many more benefits of drinking green tea and making it part of your daily diet plan. Drinking up to 3 cups of green tea a day can really make a difference in your health and benefit you greatly – even if you don’t have any health problems at the present. It only makes sense to realize the true benefit of drinking green tea to help make sure you

DON’T get sick. It really does work!

by Jacqueline Thomas

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