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Eliminate Blood Cloth The Natural Way

Prescription blood thinners are widely accessible to dissolve blood clots and avert stroke and heart attack. However, the truth is that these medications have quite harmful side effects, even with their attention-grabbing advertising.

But nature has provided a natural, low-cost, and safe key to clot-busting.


Today, we'll examine the top three foods that have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world to thin blood and dissolve blood clots.

The best aspect is that they have no negative side effects!

The primary producers of the enzyme bromelain are the papaya and pineapple, which are acidic fruits that grow in tropical climates. Studies have demonstrated the efficaciousness of this protein-digester in lowering hypertension, enhancing cholesterol, and reducing inflammation. But it's thought that its capacity to remove the fibrin from blood clots accounts for its efficacy in dissolving them. For this reason, fibrin's natural opponent, plasmin, is stimulated by bromelain. Additionally, it seems to prevent platelets from sticking, though it's unclear why.


Apple: Unlike the other two items on this list, apples do not directly dissolve clots; instead, they are included because of a special chemical that apples have that helps indirectly prevent clots. Clinical investigations have discovered that the compound quercetin-3-rutinoside, or rutin for short, present in apples inhibits the synthesis of fibrinogen, which is a precursor to fibrin. An essential component in the creation of clots is fibrin. Additionally, rutin has been shown in mouse studies to have anti-thrombotic qualities that may help prevent deep vein thrombosis or DVT. When these clots in the lower leg break free, they can go to the lungs and cause pulmonary thrombosis, which can be fatal if left untreated.

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